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Cross-posted to gxc & nerdcore_nxc & My Journal: New MC Lars 'The Laptop EP'

So, I happened to be given a copy of the new MC Lars CD, The Laptop EP. It's Due to be released by July 26th from Sidecho Records. Surprisingly enough, the owner of a HARDCORE punk shop had his CD, and gave me a promo copy for being the ONLY person to know about nXc/gXc ever to walk in his door. So, true to geek pride, I -had- to review the CD!
The CD opens with iGENERATION (sample). Now, most new to the nXc scene may start screaming MC Chris, but Chris could take lesson from this song. Containing a sample from Piebald's American Hearts, this song is VERY addictive in it's flow, and could VERY easily become the sole reason for a lot of nXc fans to buy this CD. If MC Chris's 'Geek' is the anthem for the gXc movenent (As he claims...), then this is definently a song about our very heart and soul.
The next track, UK VISA VERSA, is an ode to England. The song is a slow, mellow beat that is a light-hearded listing of all the cool things England gave the US, and that Amenrica gave them back. This song reminds me of classic 80's rap, and should bring a smile to most faces of UK or American geeks. ;)
From here, we change gears to HURRICANE FRESH. This song has the same 80's feel that continues thru the entire CD, but is a lot more upbeat than the last song. Any nerd or geek with a wide taste in music will easily feel at home with this track. Sadly, this song plays like most of my playlist, so it was really freaky!
SINGING EMO, containing a sample of Hearts That Hate's Cry Tonight, is a ballad detailing just how EMO is quickly becoming the latest cash cow for the music industry. This is probely the first time I've ever heard an EMO song samped in a rap song, but it WORKS!!! If you're friends with EMO kids, they'll either love this or hate it. Who knows? It might even be used to convert them to the nXc movement, but then we might see an EMO nXc band! Eeeeeeek!
From here, STAT-60 takes us thru the wonderful world of math and statistics, and how they factor into life. This song has a very techno feel to it, complete with the synthesizers working with sounds like you'd hear in an old-school atari game. Math Majors will LOVE this one.
STRAIGHT OUTTA STOCKHOLM didn't really appeal to me at first, but then it grew on me. A lot of artists have a bio song, and this is MC Lars's. When I first listened to it, I almost thought he was attacking someone, but then I realized he's talking of himself. A nice song to groove to when coding, easily!
Finally,MR. Raven (sample) closes out the CD. Containing a sample of Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't by Brand New, this story is a modern re-telling of Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven. If you disliked the current modernizations of Shakespeare's movies, have no fear of this song. Unlike the remake of Hamlet, this is actually good. Quite good, in fact. All in all, this song is an excellent ending to the CD.

So, overall, do I reccomend this CD? HELL YES! I fully expect that this CD will end up on the shelves of a lot of us in the nXC or gXc movement.
On a scale of 00110001 to 00110101, I give this CD the following scores:
Originality: 00110100
Flow: 00110100
Geek Level: 001101000010111000110101
Overall: 00110100001011100011001000110101
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