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gxc's Journal

the geekcore community
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finally, a community for all yr geeky pleasures!

this community is run by ohvalentine (Farron.) & wannadisco_ (Jennifer.)

01. BE NICE.
02. If you're going to post a bunch of pictures,
or a long rant or story.. please use lj-cut. If
you need help ask the community, we're all nice
03. Please don't take our layout or anyone's icon
or anything like that, unless you get permission
first, kay? *
04. If you wanna promote your community here, please contact either Jennifer, (pornocracy), or Farron, (ohvalentine), by posting in one of our journals, emailing us, or by instant messenger.*

...& That's basically it. I would tell you to
stay on topic, but what's the topic? As long as
it's got a nerdy quality to it, we don't care too much what you post.

Like I said, you can post almost anything here..
pictures of yr dorky adventures, lyrics, stories, current obsessions.. uhh.. tour dates, mix tape
track listings, reviews, etc. basically, anything you think yr fellow dorks would enjoy.

Most importantly, though, HAVE FUN!!

*You can contact us if you need permission for anything, or if you just want to talk to us because we are just so awesome.*

Jennifer's contact info:
email - breathmintdeathray@yahoo.com
AIM - trashcan summers

Farron's contact info:
email - lovedevastator@hotmail.com
AIM - haligh the liar